Paper resultante das pesquisas de Doutorado de Maritan, mestrado de Lacet e Danilo, e trabalho dos nossos projetos GT-AaaS (RNP) e outros.


Title – An Approach to Generate and Embed Sign Language Video Tracks into Multimedia Contents

Abstract. Deaf people have serious problems to access information due to their inherent diculties to deal with spoken and written languages. This work tries to address this problem by proposing a solution for automatic generation and insertion of sign language video tracks into captioned digital multimedia content. Our solution can process a subtitle stream and generate the sign language track in real-time. Furthermore, it has a set of mechanisms that exploit human computation to generate and maintain their linguistic
constructions. The solution was instantiated for the Digital TV, Web and Digital Cinema platforms and evaluated through a set of experiments with deaf users.
Keywords: Accessible multimedia contents, Brazilian Sign Language, machine translation, accessible technologies for the deaf, sign synthesis